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Abatement Negative Air Scrubber

HEPA-AIRE Portable Power Vacuums from Abatement Technologies place the duct system under vacuum, or negative pressure, to collect debris and contaminates from the ducts. These powerful units provide three-stages of filtration with a 99.97% HEPA final filter

Air Duct Cleaning Compressor

Air Duct Cleaning Power Whip

Air Duct Cleaning Brushes

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    "Excellent experience! My family has used Ed for more than eight years. He is reliable, professional, and friendly. I have lots of boys who play in my finished basement. There are accidental spills and dirty shoes – Ed does a great job on this tough job! I have both cats and dogs, so there’s a lot of hair and lots of dirt. Ed always makes my carpets look so much better after he’s cleaned them."
    - Nancy L., Chesterfield, MO, Work for non- profit
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