Spots & Spills Chesterfield MO to St Louis MO

Spots & Spills Chesterfield MO to St Louis MO

You have got to read this!

Spots & Spills

Need just a spot or 2 or 3 cleaned to hold you over till the next cleaning and don’t want to spend a fortune?

Here is how it works and what it will cost you.

Are you tired of looking at that annoying spot right at the front entrance of your office or in your living room?

You know most cleaning companies have a minimum charge to get rid of it and in most cases that charge is too high since all you want is just a couple of spots cleaned.

Well that’s why I came up with this Spots & Spills for you.   All you pay is a $20.00 charge for our gas and then the rest is on a donation basis, that’s right we leave it up to you to set our pay.  Sound like a trick well it’s not and if ones don’t take advantage of us we will be able to keep offering this service on a donation basis.

Details – Limit spots to 3 or less and less than 18 inches diameter, too many would require a full cleaning.  Does not include paint, ink and some doggie spots.  Some homes may be out of our service area.

Call us at 314-608-5055

Ed Kulczycki
Mr Clean’s Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning

We also offer:  Full carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, tile/grout cleaning, natural stone cleaning,

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Dead Animal in my Air Ducts – Chesterfield

Dead Animal in my Air Ducts – Chesterfield MO to St Louis MO

If you starting to smell something rotten coming from your Air Vents your probably not losing your mind.  We have had wives tell us they can’t take the smell whereas their husbands hardly notice it. I personally don’t get that because I guess I have a good smeller.

Well there is good news and bad news in regards to the dead animal/Mouse in your duct work.

The bad news is that the dead animal/mouse smell is going to get worse at least for the next few days while the animal starts to decompose.

The good news is that after awhile you won’t smell anything, but you still probably don’t want a decomposed dead animal/mouse in your duct work.

If your like most people the dead animal/mouse smell will drive you crazy.

Here is what you can do.   CALL US 314-608-5055 ask for Ed.

In the meantime you can  just cover the vents with plastic and tape it closed.

If the temperature is moderate turn off your heating/cooling system.

Make sure, I’m sure this won’t be hard, you have a pretty good idea which vents are the problems.  This will help us in finding the dead animal/mouse.

I hope you don’t find yourself with a rotten smell coming from your vents, but if you do call us at 314-608-5055

Ed Kulczycki

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Fenton MO

Dryer Vent Cleaning Fenton MO

If you have been thinking about dryer vent cleaning, it is probably a good idea for the following reasons.

  • Preventing a fire from happening inside your dryer vent pipe
  • If the air flow is restricted in your dryer vent you are probably experiencing longer dry times
  • Save money because your clothes will dry faster if you have your dryer vent cleaned
  • Just like anything else maintenance is required

Is there any other way I can tell my dryer vent needs cleaning?

Yes there are a couple other ways to tell if your dryer vent needs cleaning.

  1. If you place your hand on top of the dryer after it has been on for about 20 minutes, it should not be hot to the touch.  The hot air should be venting outside.  If you have this call us and have your dryer vent cleaned.
  2. If you have visible signs of lint on the inside of the dryer door you probably need your dryer vent cleaned.
  3. If you can’t remember the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned it’s probably time.

Hopefully this information has been helpful, if you have any other questions please give us a call at 314-608-5055.


Ed Kulczycki
Mr Clean’s Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Chesterfield MO

Dryer Vent Cleaning Chesterfield  MO to St Louis MO

Dryer Vent Cleaning can save you money and save your house.  Has your dryer been taking longer to dry clothes?  When was the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned? If it’s been over a year it’s probably a good idea to have it done.  It’s like anything else that needs maintenance to keep performing at it’s best.

Something that we tend to forget is that a clogged dryer vent can also be a fire hazard.

Some homes do not need their dryer Vent cleaned. How do you know if that’s you.

If your dryer is on an outside wall and the dryer vent goes directly outside through the wall and not the floor you should be fine since the dryer pipe is only about a foot long.

If you are the owner or manager of an apartment complex dryer vent cleaning should be very important to you, because one fire can cause a lot of destruction.  As the owner you can have the individual tenants or owners pay for their own dryer vent cleaning.  If you are the owner or manager please call us and in most cases we can give you a reduced rate if your complex uses our company to perform the work.

Call us at 314-608-5055 to schedule your dryer vent cleaning.

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Cleaning the Air St Louis MO

Cleaning the Air St Louis MO –   Are you noticing that you are having to dust a lot more often around your home?  Hopefully this post will give you some ideas on easier breathing and cutting down on the dusting.

If it’s on the floor it was in the air and some probably still is.  This an extreme case, but I’m sure you  may feel this way at times.  

If your like me, I’m sure you prefer the wood floor to the right.

We are in the Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning Business or cleaning the air business. We receive a lot calls from Mom’s saying they just dusted 2 days ago and it’s as if they never did.

So what can you do to cut down on the amount of dust in your house?  Cleaning the Air starts with the carpet.

We’re not just saying that because we are in the carpet and air duct cleaning business.  If you think of your carpet as one big filter then it will make more sense how you go about cleaning the air.  For example: What do you do when a filter gets full?  Well you clean it, so you can the most from it.

If you have hard wood floors you probably notice a lot of dust bunnies floating around on it, but if you have carpet it is not as noticeable, even though the dust is still there.  When the dust from the air lands on the carpet it gets filtered down into the carpet so you don’t notice it floating around your house like you would with hard wood floors.

Eventually the filter in your carpet gets full and vacuuming no longer does the job, so steam cleaning your carpet will help clean that filter so the carpet can start to do its job again – Cleaning the Air.

Another obvious area that will help in cleaning the air is air duct cleaning.  When you change the filter on your furnace what do you notice?  If you have a good filter it can look pretty gross.

So changing the filter on a regular basis is recommended especially when cleaning the air is important to you.  Put it on your calendar, if you have an Iphone there is a really cool app that will help with maintenance reminders for your home.  It’s called Home maintenance by pojosoft and costs about $5.00, but it’s worth it.

In addition to changing your filter, cleaning your air ducts will cut down on the amount of dust in your home.  A quick word of advice when choosing an air duct cleaning company.  If your looking for the cheapest service that is what you will get. Expect to pay between $300-$600.00 depending on the size of your home.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article on Cleaning the Air.

Ed Kulczycki

Mr Clean’s Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning St Louis MO

Commercial Carpet Cleaning St Louis MO – Who do you call that will care enough to take care of your Commercial Carpet Cleaning?  Especially after this winter commercial carpet cleaning should be high on your list.

Have you ever walked into a business and thought to yourself  why don’t they clean these carpets?  When cleaning is kept up with, people normally don’t notice it, which is a good thing, but if it’s dirty they do. Subconsciously, people will form an opinion about your store or business.

So Commercial Carpet Cleaning needs to be kept up with. Below are a few reasons to keep up on your Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

  • Customers and Clients notice how clean a place is.
  • Cleaning will prolong the life of your investment.  Commercial Carpet can cost thousands of dollars to replace.
  • Your employees feel like you care enough about them to keep their work environment clean.
  • Helps cut down on the dust. When you have commercial carpet cleaning done, you are emptying the filter, so to speak, in the carpet and starting fresh again.

Types of Commercial Carpet Cleaning .

  • Steam cleaning
  • Dry cleaning

Advantages of cleaning commercial carpet with steam. ( should be done twice a year)

  • Steam cleaning sanitizes.
  • Removes the sand, silt & dirt that can wear carpet fibers.
  • Removes odors and toxins, bacteria.  
  • Removes the dust in the carpet.
  • The steam helps to tighten the carpet fibers to keep their original shape.
  • Keeps manufacturer warranty in place.

Advantages of Cleaning Commercial Carpet with Dry Cleaning or encapsulation.

  • Low moisture for quick dry times.
  • Staff can often do this.
  • Helps with problem reappearing spots.
  • Can be done in between regular steam cleaning to keep carpet looking clean.

Steam Cleaning Commercial Carpet is recommended over Dry Cleaning because of the many benefits, but dry cleaning still has it’s place.

If you would like to find out what we can do to help maintain you Commercial Carpet just call us and we will be happy to visit you and give our recommendations.

Ed Kulczycki
Mr Clean’s Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning

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Clean Air Ducts St Louis MO

Clean Air Ducts  St Louis.  Why would you want to clean air ducts?  Here are some of the reasons our last few clients decided to clean air ducts recently.

  1. A new baby is on the way and they wanted to make sure everything was clean and clean air ducts was on the list.
  2. Brand new home and they had a lot of drywall dust in the vents from the painters.
  3. Homeowner was having a new heating system installed and the HVAC company suggested that they have clean air ducts first.
  4. Husband has bad allergies.  He wanted to eliminate anything that could be causing his allergies to act up, so he called us to have clean air ducts and to also clean all the carpets in their house.
  5. Their air filter would fill up with dust quickly and they would lose air flow through their vents.
  6. They had lived in their house for 30 years and had never had their air ducts cleaned, so they wanted it done.
  7. Every day when they would walk by their return vents ( in most newer homes they are up high on the wall and in older homes  they are the big vents in the floor) they would see all the dust and couldn’t take it any longer.  They figured if they can see it there, what about where they couldn’t see it?  So they wanted clean air ducts.

So, can you just clean air ducts by yourself or do you need a professional company?

Probably the most you could do, by yourself, is to stick your  vacuum hose down the vent as far as it will reach.  Unfortunately you won’t get very far and when it comes to the main supply and returns in the basement there is no way to get to them unless you cut access holes and have special rods to reach long distances.  Watch this video to see what we do in your home to Clean Air Ducts.

If you would like an email estimate on what it would cost click on clean air ducts

If you want to breath a little easier and dust less give us a call at 314-608-5055 and we will be happy to come and look at your dirty ducts and give you an exact price on cleaning your air ducts.

Mr Clean’s Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning

Ed Kulczycki

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Healthy Pancake Recipe Gluten FREE- Chesterfield MO to St louis MO

Healthy Pancake Recipe Gluten FREE

We have been making these Pancakes for years, we got the recipe from Bill Phillips cook book and made a few changes of our own.  We send a copy of this recipe to our carpet and air duct cleaning clients from Chesterfield Mo to St Louis Mo when we finish the job just to say thanks.  Hope you enjoy these healthy Gluten Free Pancakes. (if you are sensitive to oats this may be a problem, my wife who is super sensitive to gluten can eat these with no problems)

From our home to yours

We would like to share, with you, something our family enjoys.

Pancakes that are actually healthy for you & taste so good children will eat them too!

Recipe for healthy pancakes :

*1C Cottage Cheese (we use low fat)

*3 eggs (we substitute egg beaters aprox ½ -2/3 C)

*Few dashes of cinnamon

*Just a little vanilla

*Sweetener is optional (we use 1 pck truvia or stevia)

Mix above ingredients in a blender & then add

*1 C Oatmeal (we use whole grain)

Blend until mostly smooth. Batter will be a little bumpy, with the oatmeal.( Sometimes we even add a little flax seed)

For added nutrition, we substitute pancake syrup with Agave Nectar. Much better for our kids & they still like it.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

Just our little way of saying: THANK-YOU

The Kulczycki Family – Mr Clean’s Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning 314-608-5055

Chesterfield MO to St Louis MO

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Air Duct Cleaning from Chesterfield MO to St Louis MO

Air Duct Cleaning from Chesterfield MO to St Louis MO – Ed Kulczycki Mr Clean’s Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning 314-608-5055



RIP-OFF # 1: UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICE. To some degree, all of us are attracted by low price because we want to work within a budget. But some air duct cleaners use price as the bait for their false and misleading advertising. They offer a cheap price–like $79.95 for a basic cleaning–and then, once they’re in your home or office, they pressure you into buying “add-ons”. It’s as if you were buying a car and found out that the dealer was charging you extra for the tires and steering wheel. Professional air duct cleaning is not as cheap as some unethical air duct cleaners would like you to believe, and these specials may not solve your indoor air quality problems. Their basic price may not include complete cleaning and source removal.

RIP-OFF # 2: BAIT AND SWITCH. Professional air duct cleaning should include all of the system. Unfortunately, unethical air duct cleaners often use a “basic” cleaning as a bait-and-switch technique. Here’s how it’s done: First, they “bait” you with a basic cleaning at an unbelievably low price. Then, when you call, they try to “switch” you to more complete, and more expensive, service. If you don’t fall for their switch–and choose their basic service–you’ll likely receive poor workmanship and they will not guarantee their work.

RIP-OFF # 3: UNSUPPORTED CLAIMS LIKE: “CLEANING YOUR AIR DUCTS WILL SOLVE YOUR INDOOR AIR QUALITY PROBLEMS”. You may read this in an ad or hear it from an air duct cleaner, but remember this–air duct cleaning is only one part of an overall, comprehensive program for ensuring cleaner indoor air. Remember this–if your air ducts are NOT the source of your indoor air quality problem, your air ducts may NOT need to be cleaned. Only an honest, trained technician will be able to help you determine what steps you need to take to clear up an indoor air quality problem.

RIP-OFF # 4: ENCAPSULATING SPRAYS ARE BETTER THAN CLEANING. That seems to be the current rage among less than ethical air duct cleaners, because it is extremely cheap for them to apply and extremely lucrative for them to bill. Unfortunately, there are several good reasons NOT to do this. First, the North American Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends air washing the system. Second, encapsulates may be registered with the EPA, but they are not yet approved. You shouldn’t have anything sprayed into your ducts that doesn’t need to be there, and encapsulates are currently only recommended for sealing the inside of fiber lined ducts AFTER a complete source removal–or cleaning. Finally, even encapsulates break down over time and will become “particles” that will be released in your indoor air–not to mention all the dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria that it has been holding back.

Click to download our guide to Air Duct Cleaning

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Cat Urine in Carpet

You love your animals, but at times they do things that drive you crazy.  Like using the carpet for their litter box.

Well, I came across an interesting site that talks about:

Why does cat urine have such an extreme odor?

Why does my cat torture me with its super strong urine?

How to clean cat urine.

Here’s the site.   Removing Cat Urine

If after reading the article you would like some help in cleaning the Cat or Dog urine spot give us a call at 314-608-5055.  We have specific tools and cleaning products designed just for such problems.

Ed Kulczycki

Mr Clean’s Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning

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