Very, Very, Very satisfied. Results were excellent and far exceeded expectations.  Great attention to detail and extreme care taken with furniture and personal items. Due to ground in dirt on staircase,I fully expected that the carpet could not be restored to good condition and would have to be replaced.  The cleaning was so thorough that there was no need to replace it. The trust-worthiness and reliability of the service are invaluable. I was able to have the cleaning done while away from home and have no worries concerning security or professionalism.
– Lydia P., Eureka MO, Admin Asst

I like how Ed explained the tools, how it worked, what we should do as it dried. As Ed did parts of my family room, he called me, did a section and explained how it worked compared to other tools & why this works. We have been in our house for three years. Very light carpet, had never been cleaned, seemed hopeless, black by pathways. We were ready to rip it out. We called Ed and he came out. He cleaned the carpets and now it looks brand new. We were highly impressed and three weeks later it still looks perfect!         We thought for sure the black would quickly reappear. I also have set up my next appointment so we never get that black again!
– Patti  C., St. Louis, Mo, Kdg. Teacher

Our overall feeling was excellent. We feel like you care about your business. The thing that we value most is your attention to detail, like wearing shoe covers and also that you are a family business.
– Katheryn H., Eureka, Mo

Ed is always very thorough. He is also very cooperative with us in his scheduling. Ed’s flexibility in scheduling is a great benefit to us in maintaining our facility.
– Jake D., Desoto, MO, Funeral director

Friendly, Professional, and did a thorough job cleaning my carpets. I accidently spilled a blue cleaning product on my carpet right after it had been professionally cleaned. Ed removed the spill/stain quickly and never complained about it. My carpeting is very light color (almost cream). It feels good to have them bright & clean while I entertain.
– Cindy M., Festus, Mo, Registered nurse, Stay at home Mom

Excellent experience! My family has used Ed for more than eight years. He is reliable, professional, and friendly. I have lots of boys who play in my finished basement. There are accidental spills and dirty shoes – Ed does a great job on this tough job! I have both cats and dogs, so there’s a lot of hair and lots of dirt. Ed always makes my carpets look so much better after he’s cleaned them.
– Nancy L., Chesterfield, MO, Work for non- profit

Ed always does a good job. He always is leaves my house looking great. HHe answers any questions we have. He never charges or tries to do more, just for more money.
– Judy C., Fenton, Mo

Excellent  cleaning. Ed is friendly, trustworthy and a complete professional. I recommend him highly without any reservation. I know that if I need the carpets cleaned for a special occasion, all I need to do is call Ed and it will be done correctly and in a very timely fashion.
Jim G., Chesterfield, MO

Very professional personnel and quality of work. Our daughter bought a condominium in which the carpets were seriously stained and dirty from in-house pets. This company cleaned the carpet beautifully and the stains and odors were completely removed and the carpets looked great. We trust them completely in our home. Our stair carpet has a 20 year guarantee, pending proper maintenance and cleaning. Mr Clean’s carpet & Air Duct Cleaning meets and exceeds their standards.
– John G & Susan N, St Louis, MO,  Surgeon & Nurse

By far the most thorough carpet cleaning I have ever had.  The quality of work exceeded my expectations.  Ed went out of his way to ensure I was satisfied with his work.  I would highly recommend Mr Clean’s to anyone I will be a lifetime client. Personal care from your company is exceptional!
– Matt S., Festus MO

The overall feeling was positive.  We were happy with the quality of work.  While cleaning our family room carpet the machine pulled up a ravel of carpet by a seam. ED came back the following week to repair it and you cannot see where it happened.
– Charles C., High Ridge MO

We’ve been very happy with your service every time we’ve used you.  The capetslook great and your prices are very reasonable.  When we’ve had stubborn stains you’ve come back to check on them and work on them to make sure we were satisfied with the results.
– Jill E., High Ridge MO

Mr Clean’s Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning was wonderful.  They were professional and friendly.  They did a thorough job and were very cost efficient.
– Betsy H. , Eureka MO Attorney

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    "We have been in our house 3 years very light carpet never cleaned seemed hopeless black by pathways. We were ready to rip it out. Called Ed- came out- looks Brand New!. WE are highly impressed and 3 weeks later still looks perfect, because we thought for sure the black would quickly reappear. I also have set up my next appointment so we never get to that black again".
    - Patti C, Teacher, Fenton MO
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